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Bear Essence Challenge
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Bear Essence Challenge

We are SUPER EXCITED to be bringing you the first ever Bear Essence challenge...

A challenge which will make you think "outside the box" and force your creative juices to flow. Jump onboard and create your own unique bear using the same pattern as all the other challengers. - no instructions will be included, as you are given free rein and need to make your own choices.

This is going to be so much fun!!!!!!

Of course no challenge is complete without the rules - and we've made these as unlimiting as possible for you:

You can enlarge or reduce the pattern as much or as little as you want

You cannot make more than 3 cuts to the pattern (for those wanting to create multi coloured pieces.

The bear must be made from - mohair, plush, viscose, alpaca, fabric or felted wool
(All available from Bear Essence )

You will need to choose your own joint sizes, eye sizes and filling.

You can add to your creation with needle felting, embroidering, needle sculpting etc.

Feel free to accessorise your creation as much as you want

Pay $5 to register either online or in person and then print the page to get started. When purchasing your supplies mention to us that it's for the challenge to receive a 20% discount.

Last day for submitting digital photos of your creation is Monday 8th April, 2019. On Tuesday 9th April, 2019 all the photos will be uploaded to our Facebook page where our followers can vote for their favourite. The creation with the most votes will win a $250 Bear Essence voucher.

At the end of the challenge we will reveal the bear's designer and the name of the pattern. You will be surprised!!!

Come on let's see what you can come up with!!!!!

Get your pattern to begin by clicking the button below!