Tulip Bullion Knot Needles - The straight smooth body is perfect for bullion stitching.

THN-100e - 2 x 1.14mm x 65.0mm and 2 x 1.14mm x 60.0mm

Box comes with of 2each

1.14mm x 65.0mm Bit Eye Straight Long

1.14mm x 60.0mm Big Eye Straight Regular needles.

The Tulip brand is quickly being associated with exceptional quality products. Located in Hiroshima, Japan, Tulip traditional techniques paired with cutting-edge technology has produced a needle that stitches like a dream!

Peeking into the production of Tulip needles you will find that each needle is a product of Tulip highly detailed precision-processing technology which produces a needle body of ideal strength, is smooth and does not rust, a high-quality eye that prevents snagging, a needlepoint that promotes smooth piercing enabling easy sewing.

All of this in conjunction with an additional 30 processes per needle, produces a product that stands in a class of its own.