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  • The DIY Bear-making Workshop - Bearz by Ilze

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    The DIY Bear-making Workshop is a 60 page do-it-yo... (more)

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  • The DIY Bear-making Workshop is a 60 page do-it-yourselfworkshop manual and reference guide written and illustrated by Ilzé, on making fully jointed bears. This book is ideal for bear-makers of all levels (even if you have no previous needle craft experience) who are unable to attend a physical bear making workshop.

    The DIY Bear-making Workshop is brimming with helpful hints and clear easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and illustrations and is designed to encourage you to explore and experiment with various looks and techniques when making your own jointed teddy bears.

    Some advanced bear-making techniques, such as extensive face sculpting, foot sculpting etc. are also discussed and illustrated step-by-step. It is my hope that through this book you will hone your skills and gain the ability to transform your own bear-making ideas into reality.

    The DIY Bear-making Workshop has been written in such a way that it covers a broad range of patterns, bear styles, facial features etc. This means that you would be able to use the DIY Bear-making Workshop with any bear project.

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